STEPS Young Parent Celebration

The Annual STEPS Young Parent Summit, organized by the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, brings young families and community agencies together in one space, providing a safe and empowering forum designed for young parents to expand their knowledge and access resources to help them accomplish their goals.

The goals of STEPS are four-fold:

  • To connect young parents to each other, strengthening the social network of the young parent community
  • To connect young parents to supportive information and resources
  • To celebrate and honor young parent success
  • To reframe young parenthood for allies and providers as an opportunity for positive growth and development in a young person’s life

STEPS brings together over 100 young parents, as well as over 30 local organizations and agencies serving young parents. The event is planned by and for young parents, and consists 10 workshops, a resource fair, giveaways, on-site referrals, and information and resources. During the event, there is a Young Parent Champion keynote speaker, Proud2Parent Awards, Entertainment, and a raffle.

To learn more about the this year’s STEPS event and how you can get involved, visit STEPS 2020.

We’re able to host this event with the support of our amazing community partners. Learn more about them by visiting their pages below!

Community Partners