Young Parent Support

Stronger Generations’ Proud2Parent Young Parent Support Programs are for expectant and parenting people under the age of 25. Our Proud2Parent programs believe that parenthood holds the possibility of being a positive opportunity for growth in a young person’s life.

We believe that young people have are the experts on their lives, and when given the right supports, knowledge, skills and resources they have the power to make choices and decisions that will propel them forward in achieving their goals.

We know that young parents face overwhelming social isolation, stigma and shame. Our goal is to breakdown all the negative forces in their lives that prevent them from reaching their own vision of success, and to build up their feelings of social support, value and self-determination.

We know that young parents do better when they support each other, and that they can be an incredible resource for each other in spreading information, resources and skills. That’s why all our Proud2Parent programs are focused on connecting young parents to each other, and providing them with opportunities and resources that support them in reaching their goals.