STEPS 2022

STEPS is an annual event that brings together over 100 young parents, as well as over 30 local organizations and agencies supporting young parents! The event is planned by and for young parents, and strives to connect this community to new information, new resources and new friends. Most importantly, the primary goal of STEPS is to celebrate and honor the success of every young parent attendee! The day consists of FREE workshops, FREE resources, and FREE giveaways!

Please remember that STEPS is an event for young parents under the age of 25. For all others, we hope that you will join us at our other Stronger Generations programs and events throughout the year. This year’s STEPS event is made possible by generous contributions from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the time and efforts of young parents on our Stronger Generations Council.

If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions page!


Thursday, July 14 – Doors open at 10:00 AM!

10:00 – 1:00 PM Resource Fair, Food, and Fun
In-person workshops will begin in the afternoon

In-Person Workshops

Thursday, July 14 at STEPS

  1. ThinkFirst for Your Baby: Infant/Child Safety– Boston Children’s Hospital
    ThinkFirst for your baby is a workshop focused on keeping your baby/child safe! This workshop will provide information on child passenger safety, home safety/baby-proofing, sleep safety and water safety. Those who participate will get free safety supplies to use at home! This workshop is offered in English.

  2. “Self Care Techniques for Young Parents and Children” – Mothers for Justice and Equality
    Parents will learn tools and understand self care techniques that they can share with their children in developmentally appropriate ways. appropriate tools and activities for parents and children. This workshop is offered in English.

  3. “Got Conflict? Deal with Conflict Effectively: Tools for Your Toolbox” – Community Dispute Settlement Center, Inc. This conflict skills workshop will help young parents and/or allies of young parents to examine what happens to people in conflict. The focus: how to engage with conflict in a constructive way and how to de-escalate conflict when things get out of control. Through participatory exercises and discussions, participants will be invited to draw examples from their real life experience. Workshop will help participants gain confidence and competence in handling conflict situations. This workshop is offered in English.

  4. What does your Village look like? Designing a community resource map together – Vital Village Network
    What does your village look like? In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to celebrate the people, places, and organizations that have supported them during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a facilitated discussion, participants will co-create a community map of shared resources for families. Participants will add resources to a community-annotated map using post-it notes and learn about resources from their peers. Information shared will be led by the workshop participants and may include: affordable and nutritious food, early education and childcare services, housing resources, mental health services, outdoor spaces, and parental support groups. Resources shared will be added to an interactive digital map anonymously in real time and shared online with the summit participants as a tool to take home. Workshop participants will receive credit as map designers. This workshop is offered in English and Spanish (Este taller se ofrece en ingles y español).

  5. Young Parent Community Group: “I’m a good Mom First, Everything else is none of your business”Stronger Generations Council
    The Stronger Generations Initiative, in partnership with young parents from the Stronger Generations Council, have created a new safe space for young parents (individuals who are pregnant or parenting under the age of 25) to connect, share resources and knowledge, learn new skills, and find social support among the young parent community. The group will be facilitated by young parents from the Stronger Generations council, and each month we will highlight a different topic for discussion. We will be offering one of our Young Parent Community Group’s at STEPS this year and the topic will focus on what it feels like to be judged as a young parent and how to overcome negativity with self-esteem and confidence; and how to balance being a good parent with all the other parts of your identity as a young person. This workshop is offered in English and Spanish (Este taller se ofrece en ingles y español).

  6. Nutrición Durante el Embarazo – Mama Sana
    Todos hemos escuchado frases como “estás embarazada, ahora tienes que comer por dos” u otras frases del estilo, pero ¿Es esto cierto? ¿Realmente cuánto necesito comer? ¿Qué alimentos debo evitar? ¿Cuáles debo incluir? Todas estas preguntas y muchas más serán parte del temario para la clase de nutrición durante el embarazo. Este taller se ofrece en español.

Virtual Workshops

Tuesday, July 12 from 12:00-1:00PM

  1. Breastfeeding 101- Stronger Generations
    Come learn foundational knowledge about breastfeeding including how the body works to produce breastmilk, strategies and techniques for feeding your baby, how to know if you are producing enough milk or baby is eating enough, and local resources to help you with breastfeeding challenges! This workshop is offered in English.

Wednesday, July 13 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

  1. Básicos de la Lactancia Materna – Mama Sana
    Esta clase dura 45 minutos y cubrirá una variedad de temas relacionados con la lactancia materna. Si usted tiene preguntas o ha escuchado comentarios sobre la lactancia y no sabe si son ciertos o no, esta es la clase para usted! En esta clase se hablará sobre los beneficios de la lactancia materna, mitos alrededor de ella, técnicas para facilitar una lactancia exitosa, cómo comer cuando se está dando pecho y mucho más! Este taller se ofrece en español.

Wednesday, July 13 from 5:30 – 6:30 PM

  1. “The Family Kitchen (Kids welcome)” – Cooking Matters
    Work together with kids in their care to discuss safe, age-appropriate tasks for kids in the kitchen, practice preparing meals or snacks with child-friendly steps and make healthy meals and snacks that everyone will enjoy. This workshop is offered in English and Spanish (Este taller se ofrece en ingles y español).

Resource Fair Organizations

  • Mothers for Justice and Equality
  • Union Capital Boston
  • ABCD Head Start
  • ABCD Fuel Assistance
  • First Teacher
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Duet Program
  • Community Dispute Settlement Center, Inc.
  • Department of Transitional Assistance
  • Room to Grow
  • Family Nurturing Center
  • Family Resource Center – Home For Little Wanderers
  • Jamaica Plain/Brighton WIC
  • Passageway-BWH
  • Vital Village Networks
  • Stronger Generations