Frequently Asked Questions
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What should I do with my kids while I participate?

We understand that life is full of competing priorities right now, and we can’t expect your undivided attention with kiddos by your side. It’s okay if you have little one’s with you while you participate in the events, and it’s fine if you need to be pulled away briefly to tend to your kids. This is a parent-centered space, and we knows your kids always come first! So don’t stress! We will also have volunteers available throughout the entire day to help with the kids and make sure you get what you need from the event festivities.

What Covid-19 Precautions are you Taking?

The world is in a weird place right now, the pandemic is not over completely, and yet we are trying to get back to some form of a new normal. We are doing everything we can to make each attendee comfortable, but we also understnad that you will need to make the decision that feels safe for you and your family.

Weather permitting, we will be holding the event outdoors so as to keep things as Covid-safe as possible. If we must move indoors, attendees will be required to mask, and will be asked to stay home with any COVID-19 symptoms. We will also be sending a follow-up survey following the event to make sure that all of our attendees stayed healthy, and should anybody test positive for COVID-19 following the event, we’ll be contacting our event guests to let them know. Additionally, we will be posting as many event materials as possible online, and hosting at least one virtual workshop to accomodate those who do not feel comfortable attending in person.

Do I need to come for the whole day?

Absolutely not! We know life is busy and it’s a lot to ask you to dedicate an entire day to this event. Doors will open at 10am and you are welcome to come for as much or as little as you are able. We’d rather have you come for as much as you can (even if not the whoel thing) rather than not come at all!

Can I bring somebody with me?

Yes! Every young parent attendee is allowed to bring one support person with them to the event. We know it can be hard to show up to a new space on your own, and if you’re bringing kids it can be useful to have an extra set of hands. Our primary attendees must be young parents under the age of 25, but as long as a support person is listed with a primary attendee’s registration, then they are welcome to come as well!

Where is the event venue

The event will be hosted at Simmons College at 300 The Fenway. If outdoors, the event will be held on the Simmons College campus on the main campus quad, and if moved indoors we will be using the Linda K Paresky building. Both locations are located in the Longwood Medical Area near Children’s Hospital and accessible by the Green line, the Orange line, and multiple bus routes.