2019-2020 Young Parent Ambassadors

Young Parent Ambassador, Hillary Cayetano Fernandez, smiling with her husband, and child.

Hillary Cayetano Fernandez

Hello all, my name is Hillary Cayetano Fernandez. On Mother’s Day of 2019 I graduated college with Bachelor’s Degree as a Legal Studies Major. I am currently a student at Quincy College seeking an Associates Degree in the Natural Sciences. I am working towards my goals to get into medical school. I am also a Teaching Fellow at a middle school, where I work full time. My life is busy and full of adventure, and everyday brings something new.

I began my parenting journey on December 10th, 2017. It has not been easy, with often too many challenges. Stronger Generations and Proud 2 Parent opened up a light at the end of the tunnel, with its world of opportunities, support, and providing me with a safe space. I am proud 2 parent and I want you to join me! Let’s work together to be our best selves with a program that only wants the best for us, our children and our families.

Shanique Green

My name is Shanique Green, I am a mother of three beautiful babies. I graduated from Bunker Hill Community with my Associates Degree and I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. I am hardworking, optimistic, determined, and strong. I believe that hard work pays off and time is the master. I currently work at Boston Medical Center as pharmacy Technician. I am a Young Parent Ambassador with Stronger Generations, Families First, and The Children’s Museum. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

I love being a mother and having the opportunity to love, protect and teach three little people how to love themselves and always be true to who they are at all costs. I have learned so much being a part of this program, I am so happy that I made myself available and was open to unlearn things that was taught to me as a child. I believe in myself more and understand that I am in control of my own happiness. I would recommend this program to anyone especially a young mom who could use some support, encouragement and sisterhood. Through this program I met other Mothers who became my sisters, we converse daily and exchange resources and parenting ideas.