Group Prenatal Care

Modeled after the Centering Pregnancy Program, our Group Prenatal Care provides pregnant individuals with similar due dates new opportunities to engage in their care and build connections with other expectant parents. Group Prenatal Care is your prenatal care and your pregnancy, birth, and new parent education all in one.

How Group Prenatal Care Works

Your care begins as individual appointments in the first trimester and shifts to group educational sessions in the second trimester. The group sessions are 2-hour visits in which expectant individuals share the joys, challenges, and concerns of pregnancy and early parenting, while still receiving private consultation with their care providers.

Each group session consists of about 6-8 pregnant individuals. Sessions also include appointment reminders, healthy snacks, fun learning activities, educational and community resources, on-site yoga, mind-body connection and more!

Download a Group Prenatal Care Brochure.

Benefits of Group Prenatal Care

Prenatal education and birth support

More time with providers

No appointment wait times

Breastfeeding education

Feeling better prepared for the birth experience

Fewer Cesarean births


Patients receiving prenatal care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are welcome to join the Stronger Generations Group Prenatal Care Program. If you are interested, please tell your prenatal care provider that you would like to get involved.


Samantha Garcia, Group Prenatal Coordinator 
Brigham & Women’s Hospital 
Ambulatory Obstetrics 
75 Francis Street Boston, MA 02115
Direct Line P: 617-278-0194