Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring Someone to STEPS?

Yes! Every young parent attendee is allowed to bring one support person with them–family, friend, advocate, the choice is up to you!

Can Adults Come?

This is an event for young parents. Those over the age of 25 may only attend if they are attending as a support person for a young parent attendee. Otherwise we ask that adults participate in our other Stronger Generations activities throughout the year. To learn more about Stronger Generations please contact Ariel at

Do I Need to Speak English?

The majority of the event will be English speaking, however we will have many people on staff and attending the resource fair who speak other languages (Spanish, French, Haitian Creole and more!). If you need language support during the event please let us know (email Ariel at!

Is there childcare? Can I bring my kids?

There will be childcare at the event and we have a limited number of slots available to people who RSVP by June 13th. If you have a small child you need to bring with you but can’t send to our childcare room, that is OK but you will be responsible for your child for the duration of the event.

What if I can’t come for the whole day?

While we encourage you to come for the whole day, we understand that some people have other places to be! Please feel free to come for as long as you are able but no matter what, be sure to register!