I Am Not Just the Color of My Skin

Hey mom and dad, remember me? Your little girl. I am still your little girl, right?

Well, I’m still in school and my teachers, the students, and even the people I thought that was my friends say my race is why I became pregnant at the age I did.

People say my race is fast,  hard-headed, or even have no “home training” but I know you brought me up right. I mean, can’t this easily happen to anyone no matter what race? So why point fingers at me why pick me out the punch.

I’m 22 now and your grandchild is 5 years old. I’m doing great and I proven a lot of people wrong because many said I’m just a baby.

I wouldn’t want to anything that not only because I’m a young parent but my race are success rate is low

Well… I like where I am. I finished school, I have a great job, I own my own place and  my child is happy. Each day I am learning how to better myself for not just me but for my child and others the same race as me… to show them that what people say don’t matter and that it’s the choices you make in life that determines where you will go or be.

People should just stop with the stereotypes because I am not just the color of my skin nor do I want to be seen as the color of my skin, I am more than that and I have the right to be seen for me.

Just remember this: If you feed off the lies that people say, you will go hungry.

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