Racial Justice =/= Being Color Blind

Racial justice has never been more clear to me. Making efforts to make others around me aware of racial justice issues is the tough part. Some people like to avoid the truth of this issue. The fact is that it is a very real issue in our society today. I admit, it is a sensitive subject. This does not count as an excuse to ignore it, however.

Frustration is built up in my generation, for those who don’t understand why our society has been developed the way it is. I was raised color blind. My blood is mixed and it frustrates me when I am categorized as just one race. In today’s society, there are so many biracial families. What does it mean for the children of those families?? How will issues with racial justice today effect them in the future?? That’s what I ask myself when I face obstacles in my everyday life.

Racial just, for me, means not generally categorizing people and not judging them based of stereotypes of a race that society lists them under. People are still people regardless of the stock they’re made from.

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