College: Excitement and Fear

Two weeks before I started my college semester I was a very excited yet afraid. I knew exactly what to expect… long nights, hundreds of vocabulary words to memorize, and stressful days. Despite all that I was excited and ready for it all. Each semester got me closer to my dreams of becoming a nurse.

Just when I had thought I had everything ready to begin my semester, the day care my son would attend still did not have the daycare voucher. After calling Boston Child Care Choices and after showing up many times to their office I finally had the voucher. A couple of days later  i realized i only had 11 credits. I needed 12 credits to keep the day care voucher.

As the semester went on I found myself going crazy looking for some community service work so I could make up for that one credit I was missing. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse my son got really sick. He was hospitalized and I spent most of my days staying at home and taking care of him. I missed a lot of classes and I fell behind on my school work. At that moment I questioned if going back to college was the right decision. I felt overwhelmed and felt guilty for my son being sick. I cried many many times because I wanted to do great in all my classes but every time I thought nothing more could go wrong, it did. I felt like I wasn’t emotionally ready to deal with everything that was being thrown at me and do excellent in school.

Even though I wanted to drop out I told myself to just finish the semester on a good note. If I still did not want to continue my college education after this semester, it was ok with me. As I attempted to catch up on all my work I found myself sleeping only 4 hrs each night and very stressed. I gave up a lot of my personal time so that I could study. I was really busy from then on and after 2 months of searching for community service I found an organization that allowed me to volunteer with them.

Thanks to them I was able to continue getting the child care voucher. Currently my days are usually stressful as I am studying for my last final and finishing a couple of projects. I was able to catch up and get excellent grades. As the end of the semester is approaching I am amazed at the strength I have to fight for my dreams even when there were so many obstacles I had to overcome. Despite the tears and all the stress I have decided to continue to further my education and I’m ready for whatever is left to come my way.

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