Young Parents and Our Health

When I hear the word healthy three things show up in my head: physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. To me those three things are most important when it comes to health.  It’s a state of well being that needs our attentiveness at all times! Taking care of ourselves is very important and should always be made a priority.

When it comes to physical health some things that help in that area are exercising, getting 8 hours of well rested sleep, and eating the right kind of foods! Then there’s mental health, something we could all use a little help in! Some negative things that can effect your mental health are stress, depression, anger, sadness, etc…

We all struggle with some type of emotion that effects us in a bad way and there’s definitely ways to cope with this by finding an outlet, or some type of stress reliever. The last one out of the three is your spiritual health! Now this doesn’t just have to be religious it could mean being at peace within yourself and meditating off of that. For me my meditation is praying it helps me feel connected and at peace. In my life especially in the past couple of months I struggled with all of these. I have a whole new appreciation of being healthy, because it’s very important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.You only have one body so why not care for it and appreciate it!!! 🙂

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