I Decided to be Healthier

To me being healthy means, to walk without running out of breath, eating a salad rather then a cheese burger, being able to play with your children, eating with out a belly ach, and most importantly being around long enough to enjoy all your child millstones. I am not going to say I am healthy at all. all these thing I just named, is exactly me. And why know I am trying to change my habits, so I can always be around for all of Xavier’s millstones,

Being healthy is just not eating your veggies and fruits and exercising everyday, there a lot more to that. Its being over all good on health. On oral health, yearly physicals, eye health, up to date on shots, and anything else to insure a happy healthy life.

I use to think only eating one cheese burger or slice of pizza instead of two was healthy. Or eating the lean cuisines for every mean was healthy. These might be slightly more healthier then eating 3 slices of pizza, but nevertheless it is still un healthy. Or I use to think if I wasn’t sick, in pain, or coughing, I was healthy. And I soon realized that after I tried to play with my son and couldn’t even keep up with him, or had to keep stopping every 5 seconds cause I was out of breath.

I am not overweight, but my body is just not healthy and not wanting to work like it should. So I recently made a change in my life, my son’s life, and my family’s life, to be a lot more healthier. We decided to have veggies twice a day instead of twice a month, to have fruit instead of chips, be up to date with all medical thing, and to be more active as a family. So we all could be around for each others millstones in life.

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