You Cannot Scare Me… I Have a Child

photo“You cannot scare me…I have a child.” My name is Tarialis Garcia. I am a full time student at UMass Boston, where I am a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management. I have a two year old daughter name Lily. I have two part time jobs. One of my part time jobs is an internship at State Street working in the pricing room. My other part time job is at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a young parent ambassador. As a young parent ambassador I advocate for young parents, help create events for young parents, and try to find them resources. When I am not working or at school I am taking care of my daughter. If I am not doing either of those things I am resting, usually reading or catching up on a TV show. I like going out but I limit myself with the busy life that I carry. To keep myself sane from my busy life I like to go shopping or interacting with other people my age. I like having a busy life, although I feel that I need to include more time for myself.

With everything going on in my life I usually get asked, what keeps you going? The answer to this is that I want to live a different life than what my parents had. I want a better future for myself and my daughter. Some days seem harder than others and there are times where I feel stressed out or feel like giving up, but I always find a way to pull through those negatives situations or thoughts. I like succeeding; it’s something that I am familiar with and like doing. Therefore failure for me it’s not an option. I cannot see myself without my bachelor’s degree, dream job, or living in the same or worst situation than what I am now. I am a goal seeker and now with a child I am more determine to strive through. There are many challenges as a young mother but I have had two successful years.

At State Street I am given a taste of what it is to have a real job. I am given many responsibilities that I have to handle. Being an intern at State Street you are not treated just like an intern but any other employee in the building. I like being able to explore and having a financial perspective at the age that I am in. I have learned a lot and grown as a person at State Street. Also in Brigham and Women’s Hospital I have had many opportunities to improve myself by interacting with others. I am learning to better my public speaking and improve my writing skills through many of the blog spot I have to do. I feel that both job opportunities have been beneficial to me.

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