I Am More Than a Statistic

I am only 20 years old with only a high school diploma, I have nothing else special and no one will take me serious. 6 months ago that is really all I thought about myself. I felt like I was just another teen parent statistic. But over the course of 6 months I began to realize that I am something bigger, I have a purpose, and I am someone. I am and my story is a lot bigger than just and education and some fancy title, and that makes me the person and mother I am today!

I felt like because I was young, only had a high school education, received government assistance, and because I had my son at a young age that no one would ever take me serious, just as other statistic. Because in most of society’s  eyes being a teen parent is probably the worse imaginable thing they would think of. In their eyes I ruined my life, will be a welfare queen, and will forever be a statistic. A picture that society has painted, not teen parents. Growing up I was always told how having a kid young would ruin your life, you wont be able to finish school, go to college, find a good man, get a good job, and will forever live off the government. I was told this so much that I truly believed it, especially when I found out I was pregnant and had my son, I really thought my life was over. It began to take the motivation that I have always had, that I would do anything that I set my mind too. I slowly began falling behind in school and not going. I was depressed and felt domed

It took me a awhile to see my purpose, and to find my own way to help other young parents.  And working with the Young Parent Ambassador Program really help me find that out. I realized my story and my struggles are going to help others in my position,  or for others to understand some of our positions. I found this out all through blogging, public speaking, networking, interviews, group meetings, etc.

As a young parent ambassador, I feel like I was given the tools to tell my story in a way to help others.  And now I never want to stop telling my story. It might not be the best story legislators, providers, youth, peers, etc., but it’s my story! And it’s who I am!

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