Space to Feel Welcome

photo 4

In the past six months as a young parent ambassador, I have grown as a person. I been able to understand and explain my limits throughout the activities the group has done. I’ve become more open towards what I am comfortable doing or saying. I have pushed myself through many limits that I had. I am no longer extremely shy, but I am in the process of becoming outgoing. In the past six months, I have improved my leadership skills. The program has made me focused on my past, present, and think about my future.

Every young parent ambassador has a different story and talking to each other about it has made us grow closer and learn about each other situation. Being around other young parents makes you realize that you are not alone. Before becoming part of the young parent ambassador program, being young and having a child seemed lonely. It was hard to find someone to connect and talk to.  Specially with the shaming that young parents face now a day.

This group has given me a space to not only feel welcome but also feel loved and cared for. Even though my group of young parent ambassadors is very diverse, we all want the same goal: to be treated with respect as an equal human beings and parents. We all want to stop the shaming of young parents and create a welcoming community for other young parents. By creating a welcoming community for young parents many young parents won’t feel alone. Young parents will have someone that they can talk to who will not judge them for having a child at the age they did.  The community of young parents will be more united and be able to help young parents in need.

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