Reliving Bad Memories

As a child I had many good experiences with my parents, and the same amount of bad ones as well. We all try to raise and grow up with our kids without having to relive or experience those bad experiences we had with our parents but in all reality it will never be picture perfect.

While raising my child I have definitely relived bad memories I wish he did not have to. One of those bad memories is the fighting between his father and I. My parents always fought in front of me as a child and I grew up thinking it was okay. Now I don’t think twice to start or continue an argument with his father in front of him. I am really working on changing that but it’s a process changing what you grew up with as a kid.

Another bad memory being relived for my son is the separation of parents. My parents were never together while I was growing up and ended up getting a divorce. I absolutely hate the fact my son as of now does not physically have both of us around but I need what is best for myself in able to be mentally healthy and stable for my son.

We all want the best for our children, and want them to grow up with the least conflicts that can possibly happen but it will not always be that way. It is not a bad thing to relive these memories with my son because at the end of the day I know my parents love me and my son is very loves by his father and I. Sometimes I just wish things were different. :/

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