Monkey see, Monkey Won’t Do!

(submitted anonymously) 

When I was growing up, I always felt as if I had to be the mature one. I always had to look out for my sisters and brothers. My father not always being around caused me to be more independent. I figured that I had to prove myself to him. I wanted him and my mom to be proud. My mother was very dependent on my step dad and by the time I was a teenager, I vowed to never be like that.

All of these factors caused me to feel like I had to grow up fast. One thing that I for my son, is for him to be a child and enjoy it. I don’t ever want him to feel as if he’s being forced to grow up to soon. Indepence is great, however, a child is a child. When the time comes for him to become an adult than I would trust that we taught him everything he needs to know. I would never want home to go through the process of having to figure out how to be a grown up.

There are are many things I want my son to do in life, but rushing to grow up isn’t one of them.

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