Panera Cares in Boston

This past week I had a good experience so I decided it was worth writing about it. As a young mother and a community member, I love to give back to the community that supports me. I believe it is so important because we have to show our kids that giving back to our own communities really shows how grateful we are for their support on our parenting. I also believe that being a giving person makes a difference in this tough social environment, and I want my child to learn that.

A few days ago, I went to Panera Cares, not just any Panera, this is a community-based Panera. They had great healthy choices for my child and my budget wasn’t an issue because they gave a “suggested price.” How this place works is you put the money in a box in front of you and they don’t ask how much you put in or even look at you. For people with no money at all, they allow them to work one hour for a free meal, which is awesome.


So if you like to give back to your community, there’s many places you can go to, like Panera Cares. And if you’re the one in a time of need, there are places that will help.

The Panera Cares is located in Government Center, Boston at 3 Center Plaza, right across the street from City Hall.

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