Teen Parents Answer Questions on Balancing Schoolwork and Parenting

Do you think it’s worth going back to school? Why?

Grace: Going back to school is worth it because it’s a step closer to getting a great job that I can enjoy!
Ciara:  It is very worth going back to school because education is key to success and I want to be successful!
Tarialis: It has opened so many doors for me. Being a parent is lonely; I found another young parent like me and started making some friends. Also, it’s a time away to focus on bettering my future and my daughter’s future.
Dymon: Going back to school is a great way to show your child never to give up and that becoming a parent didn’t stop you from being successful. When children grow up they will follow our example and be proud of our achievements.
Makeda: Hell yeah it’s worth going back to school! 
Anny: I think it is worth it going back to school it makes you feel good. You will get smarter and it will give you and your child a better life. A career can bring you happiness and stability to your family and yourself!
Cora-Lee: I definitely think it’s worth going back to school because it’s a BIG goal of mine, and I want my daughter to know if mommy can do it, so can she! This is something that I’ve wanted to accomplish but just had many setbacks, but my daughter stirred me on this road and I’m not letting her down. 🙂

What are some things that helped you balance schoolwork and parenting?

Grace: Going to sleep early so I won’t be tired next day.
Ciara: Balancing school work and parenting was hard because no one was willing to watch him as much after I came home from school but I would manage to get stuff done eventually.
Tarialis: Daycare has been very helpful, co-parenting, my family, and creating a schedule where I am not in school every day so that on the days I’m not and Lily’s in daycare, I am doing school work, house work, and resting.
Cora-Lee: This will be my senior year, so I will be graduating this coming year. Things that helped me focus on my school work was finding time for myself. Also, putting my daughter down for a nap while I do work, or with the help of others. I set my goal and stayed focus!

Do you have more tips on balancing parenting and schoolwork?

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