Building New Memories

I love every moment spent with my children and boy does it take me back to when I was young doing the same thing with my mother that I’m doing with my kids now. I find myself reminding myself about the good old days with my parents and yes we had ruff days to but it’s just good to think about the good days because not only does it keep me smiling and joy in my heart but it keeps me going and reminds me what and what not to repeat with my children.

Building new memories with my children is so much fun and so unforgettable like, taking them to church and watching then try to play instruments bigger than them or teaching them how to ride a bike or a scooter. One thing I love to see is my lil girl make up her own stories and act them out she’s such a character and has such a big imagination. Or watch my son go crazy with his trucks and cars and sing his little songs. All of these things I did with my parents sometimes I sit back and let my mom tell me what happen from her point of view and man it’s funny listening how I was so much like my kids when I was small.

The best part is that we grow together and we learn from each other no matter how big no matter how small because kids will surprise you. I also see myself trying to give my kids what I didn’t have and have them grow up better than I ever did and teach them witch I wasn’t tough and then only hope they will never follow in my foot steps that they will live a wonderful life and have then know that heart ache and tears is only for the moment and joy come in the morning. And that love is a power so strong that they should never hate. That they will teach their kids the same and that dreams do come true no matter what it is. Everyone should build memories

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