Teething Baby!

As it’s been a while let me once again introduce myself. My name is Ciara and I have a son who is now 1. For the most part I have had it all under control for the past 12 months, but the new challenge I have recently faced was teething!

Most babies will have teeth by the time they are 9 months, but not Jayden. He just started teething and has two teeth, which aren’t full out yet. I don’t know if it’s because he’s older but when a tooth is about to come out he is the most miserable child. He gets extremely high fevers, loss of appetite, extreme cases of crankiness, horrible diarrhea that causes rashes and he’s a whole new child.

From these two past experiences I have learned that there is really nothing I can do besides try to ease his pain and give him a lot of comfort. While it’s very hard to see our children in pain, it is also a fun experience just to see that they are growing up and experiencing new things themselves. The cutest thing in the world is to see your baby smile and see a little tooth. 🙂

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