Breaking Up? I mean down.

Ever wonder why break ups aren’t called break downs? Let’s be real! Nine times out of ten you’re sitting in your bed with a gallon of ice cream, a box of tissues, and the Lifetime channel on.

Now some break ups are fairly simple. Assuming that you probably never really loved him/her in the first place. And that you’d rather be throwing back shots with some random guy at UNOs. On the other hand, some break ups will be mutual. That’s when you both agree to breaking up and you’ll most likely end up being friends…WITH BENEFITS!

My advice is that if you want to break up with your significant other, don’t wait six months to do it! Just get it done and be honest!

When there are children involved in a break up, it’s important to always be careful about what you say in front of your child. You never want to give your child a bad impression on the other parent or yourself. If you can, evenly split responsibility and spend time as a family so your child doesn’t feel the separation.

Are you thinking of breaking up and don’t know how? Check out this flyer on choosing the best way to communicate -> U R Breaking Up?

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