I am Amazing and I am a Mother

jasminMmhh where do I start? I mean… besides the fact that I’m totally amazing! Lol 🙂 But for real, I feel like I’m an amazing person for all I have accomplished in my life and all that I have put up with. I’m a high school graduate, class of 2012, I am employed, I’m a young parent advocate, and most importantly I am a mother to an amazing two year old lil boy named Xavier.

Notice how I put being a mother last. This is not because I am not proud, it is because motherhood is not the only thing that defines me. I am so proud of being Xavier’s mother and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I am more then just a mother and I strive everyday for that not to be my only title.

Becoming a mother has led me to many great and wonderful things, Xavier has really been my motivation.  As some people seeing having a child young as a life killer, I see my son as a life saver! Without my son I would not have been this amazing person that I am today, I would probably be still smoking weed everyday and not wanting to do anything for my life. So like I said before, I am amazing and that’s because I am a mother to a amazing lil boy named Xavier!

Jasmin is a participant of the Young Parent Ambassador Program at the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


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