Anthology Submission Ideas

Having a tough time coming up with a submission for our young parent anthology? Here are some prompts:

– Before becoming a teen parent, how did you envision your future? After having a child, has that vision changed? Why?

– We know that lack of support can make life harder. Share a story about a time you had a really bad or really good support experience.

– Are you the child of a teen mom and now a teen parent? How do you think your parent’s young age affected your pregnancy?

– What are some of the stereotypes you hear about young mom, young dads, or single parents? How does it make you feel?

– If you could design a program to support teen parents, what would it look like?

– Write a letter to your child, parents, child’s other parent, teachers, etc…

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Where do you see your children during those periods?

– What’s the most positive thing anyone has ever told you about being a young parent and how did it help you?

– You have a busy schedule. What is a typical day like for you?

– Have you experienced abuse or violence? How did this affect you? How did you or how are you finding support and peace?

– Write a letter to yourself.

– Vent about your anger, sadness, or frustrations.

– Write a letter to another young mom or dad.

Remember, art, collages, photography and all forms of writing will be accepted in our anthology. Email with questions and submissions.