Degree! Sooo close …. YET soooo FAR!


Oh September! The sound of September means just one thing to me, and that is the beginning of school. Next Tuesday I will have embarked on the journey that is my third year at Bentley University. From now until then there are a lot of things I need to make sure are done, like DAYCARE and a 2nd BIRTHDAY. My little guy is now 1 year and 11 months, and in order for me to start school he needs to be in daycare. Some way I will extend my voucher if this state considers my 15 credit hours a semester enough for me to be granted the “privilege” to have it. Anyway, Elijah’s birthday conveniently falls on the third week of school when everything gets difficult. Around this time usually the midterms start to come around the corner and studying SHOULD begin, but since I need to plan a “small” birthday party (which is usually impossible to have a small birthday party with Dominicans) it will take some balance.Image

Aside from my motherly duties comes BOOKS! I’ve already purchased most of my books in eBook form (on my iPad) in order to save money, but still have two hefty priced books to buy. Every semester this is the part I DREAD. Buying books that I will use for three months and will never use again, and spend an arm and a leg for, when I can use that money for other things! It’s unbelievable.

This semImageester I have made it a point to average out with a 3.3 GPA, because in my mind this is a very decisive semester for me. I’m taking two courses that are required for my major (accounting), and if I don’t do well I risk not having my internship next summer. An internship that I loved, and really can’t afford to lose. In hopes to make this happen I have begun reading for my classes, and I have made it a point to become SUPER organized!

All in all, being a mom and a first semester junior in a business school just means one thing to me, BREATHE! I need to take some time to myself to just relax and think about NOTHING. With all that goes on I need to just take a step back sometimes because it is and will always be overwhelming, because while all of my classmates are moving into their dorms I am working, and figuring out a plan to have my son, and study and take him to his appointment, and celebrate birthdays, and spend quality time. Ultimately my son is the most important person in my life and if I don’t spend quality time raising him, and teaching him how to be a good man this sacrifice I’m making by going to school to make a better tomorrow for him will be completely worthless. May of 2014 needs to hurry up and get here!

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