Breastfeeding Twitter Chat Recap by Jazmin Williamsz

Yesterdays #YPsupport chat hosted by STEPS boston was awesome. Numerous young moms and a few young dads joined in to discuss breastfeeding.We all know the positive and negative feedback that older mothers receive, but it was great for young moms to share their stories.

STEPS Boston has provided a venue to openly discuss our young parent experiences without the fear of being judged. In yesterdays chat, we shared stories about our choices to breastfeed or not, how much encouragement we received, and how to encourage young father’s to become more aware and supportive of breastfeeding. There were negative stories of people’s unsensitive reactions to young mother’s pumping at school and people’s comments of how breastfeeding will affect our bodies. But there were also positive stories, of young mothers receiving support from their hospitals, lactation programs, and other supportive individuals.The best part about the chat is that we all felt comfortable to share our positive, negative, and some embarrassing stories on breastfeeding.

#YPsupport chats hosted by STEPS Boston has developed a great online community of young parents that are supportive and accepting of each other. The invitation is extended to other young parents looking for a great supportive community and/or that just need a place to talk with others going through similar situations.

If you would like to read the entire conversation, please visit the STEPS Storify page for the complete list of questions and answers from young parents.

Thank you to all of our wonderful participants!

Live young parent chats are

every Tuesday at 8 PM EST!