I Refuse to be Statistic!

“Congratulations  graduation class of 2012!”

Never did I think I would be able to hear those words, especially after having my son during sophomore year. But I did it,  I walked across that stage with my class and beat every odd! And let me tell you, it is the best feeling in the word saying “I am a teen mother and a highschool graduate!”

Right away when people see high school student pregnant or about to become a parent they think there goes their education, there goes their life, and there goes all the dreams the hoped for. Well I’m Here to prove that they are wrong, I am not a statistic and I REFUSE to be classified as one! I am a mother, I am a high school graduate, I am a daughter, and I am a strong woman reaching for my goals! No where in there is there space for a teen parent statistic!

You make your own choices in life, and yes you may mess up once in awhile, but you can never let that get you down! I allow my choices to lift me up in life, not bring me down!