Recap: Live Twitter Chat on Pregnancy Prevention Campaigns

Yesterday’s chat may have been our busiest chat so far. With over 25 young parent participants, we reached our tweeting capacity and were (gentlly) put in twitter jail for tweeting over our daily limit. We started off the chat by asking young parents to watch this 30 second teen pregnancy prevention campaign video on youtube.

Although the twitter chats are only 1 hour long, we are able to ask 10 questions and get more than 20 responses per question. The images below are just a few of the questions with a response from a young parent and/or organization.






To catch up on some more of the conversation, head over to our twitter chat by clicking this link. Remember, tweets are in reverse chronological order.

Thank you to all our participants!

Live young parent chats are every Tuesday at 8 PM EST! #YPsupport

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