Recap: Young Parents and the Media

As we were brainstorming ideas for a twitter chat topic, @GloriaMalone had the amazing idea of focusing the discussion on the portrayal of young parents in the media. Perfect timing! Last night was also the premiere of the new season of Teen Mom on MTV.

While many of us are guilty of watching shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, not every young parent is extremely fond of the show.

@kaishax23 I think I can relate in some levels but not all I think the don’t go through half of the struggles we do.

 @AriellaFaith I feel it’s over exaggerated and/or make us as teen/young parents look bad, in my opinion.

When asked what their stories would be like, they answered:

@YoungMumsHopemy story: messy childhood, insecure, bad choices, fell pregnant, amazing daughter. Went to uni, got career, met nice man!

@singlemaNope, can’t relate to them. My teen mom story “defy all odds, ignore statistics/naysayers, believe, and achieve.”

If there was a show on television that could actually depict the realities of other teen parents, what would it look like?

@singlemaResources, assistance, other people/situations they can relate to, hope, etc.

How are young parents portrayed in the media?

 @TaiterszI disagree with the portrayal.I think we are made to seem as we messed up in our life and we cant be successful.

@missstaceyj3  young parents are potrayed as neglectful parents and parents who can’t provide for their child(ren) and I totally disagree.

 @singlemaUneducated, poor, on welfare, hopeless, etc. Nope, don’t agree. I was a young parent and that isn’t me.

 @kaishax23I think teenmom makes us teen parents look like bad parents and make it seen that we ain’t going to get anywhere in life.

Because of these negative portrayals of teen parenthood in the media, how are teen parents affected?

@TaiterszIt affects us negatively. People see us a certain way because of it.

@YoungMumsHope (young parents) may limit themselves based on the examples set in the shows.

@JazzyJ1112I think it makes them hide…afraid to ask for support.

@AriellaFaith We’re constantly judged/watched as teen/young parents. Amazing as we are we’re always 2nd guessed as parents.

How can young parents support other young parents?

 @prymfaceAddressing peoples misconceptions. One person at a time!


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