Trying to Beat the Odds

Being a parent is definitely the hardest job you will ever have, and it’s even harder when you are trying to grow up yourself. Everyone always thinks once you have a kid at a young age your life just completely ends and that you just ruined your life. I’m here to say that for me, this is not true one bit.

My life began when I had my son, Xavier. What people don’t understand is my son’s birth motivated me to become who I am today. Before Xavier, I was not on track to graduate, I was always into trouble, and I didn’t care about anything or anyone. Now my son is 17 months old, I am graduating in less than 3 weeks, I have my own car, I have a job, I am going to college, and I have the life I always wanted. I can honestly say without my son in my life, I would not have any of this going for my life.

Is it hard? Yes, without a doubt! I cannot lie, I am stressed out and overwhelmed half the time. However, it is all worth it when I see the smile on my son’s face and knowing I am able to provide for him. I am determined to beat every odd and every statistic that comes with being a teen parent. And in the long run, my goal is not to prove it to other people that I can do it, but just show my son how much I would do for him and how important he is and always will be in my life!

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