Recap: Live Twitter Chat on Fatherhood

Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children. By being active, supportive members of their children’s lives, they contribute to their children’s health and overall well-being.

Last night, we hosted our 6th Weekly Live Twitter Chat. The primary focus was on the importance and complexity of fatherhood. Our special guest this week was Roy Martin, an active member of the community and a former teen dad.  

Roy Martin is a born and raised Bostonian and currently works as a program manager at the Boston Public Health Commission’s (BPHC) Division of Violence Prevention. Before getting married Roy was a young, single custodial dad to his three eldest children and he is the father of five, two daughters and three sons. Follow Roy Martin on twitter.

In case you missed the chat, here’s a quick recap of the Q&A portion!

STEPPS: What does it mean to be a father?

ROY: Good question. I’d say a Father shared in the Conception, the DAD accepts the job, title and responsibility.

STEPPS: What does being a single father mean? How is it different?

ROY: Being a single father means that you have the confidence to accept a hero’s role. Being a single father is different because your supports will be more external, less internal.

STEPPS: What makes a young father successful?

ROY: Stay connected to supportive people! Know that every parent has challenges so it’s not weird if you do too! Also, it is a lot harder to get re-connected than to stay connected,don’t give up and continue to develop YOURSELF!

CRISTIAN (Ambassador): How can I become a better father and a better role model for my child?

ROY: I’m sure you’re a great DAD! Think about your child before you do EVERYTHING! Changes everything! Also, if you are young make sure you are growing as the child is growing. They’ll need that!

STEPPS: How can young men stay focused on parenting and becoming great fathers?

ROY: By knowing that you have the greatest job in the world and that there can be no better prize that a happy child.

STEPPS: Do you know of any resources or support systems for young dads?

ROY: I’d start with the Father Friendly Initiative 617-534-9525, or Healthy Baby Healthy Child 617 534-5832.

Before working at the Division of Violence Prevention, Roy worked for the Father Friendly Initiative (FFI) at the BPHC. By supporting Boston fathers, FFI strives to help fathers become more involved with their families — before, during, and after the birth of their children. FFI encourages its participants to become emotional, financial, and nurturing resources for their children and a major source of strength to their families as well as their communities.

If you would like to read the entire conversation, click here!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our chat: @tappsdads, @sugarplumplum1, @TheYoungMommy, @PrymFace, @LisetteO86, @EmilyNezvesky, @TheYoungDad, @CoolGuyMorales, @LaurenssDad1118, @Peace_LoveX3, @LaurenSinger91, @JazzyJ1112, @ColonXJP, @Nikia_lee, @Taitersz, @MsAlexandraV and a BIG thank you to @617RoyMartin!

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