A Child Taking Care of a Child

There are times in our lives that circumstances force us to change everything . I was 16 years old in El Salvador when I got pregnant. On that day, I thought I died. However, I think I actually did die, but I was reborn the same day I held my baby for the first time and saw his beautiful face. I realized that I would die for him. He was everything in my life, he was a gift from life because now I am stronger than ever.

I chose this title because that is one of many stereotypes that as teen-parents we are forced to face. People think that just because we got pregnant when were in our teens, we are irresponsible, immature and our children are obstacles in the way of our goals. Today I say no! Teen-parents are strong and I am living proof of that statement. I came to a new country, learned a new language, tried to get my high school diploma, started living with a new family, all while expecting a baby. Now, I am a 21-year-old mom who will graduate from high school, go to college, fluent in English, and take classes at MIT.

I do all of this because my son is my inspiration and my everything. I want him to be proud of me. I want to show him that life is hard and sometimes there is no meaning behind it, but it is worth the fight and the price the we have to pay along the way. Many people call children the biggest mistakes in a young parent’s life, I call it the greatest gift. It has been an inspiration and I cannot explain with words how wonderful it is to be a young parent. I am proud of being a teen parent and while I can regret many things and mistakes in my life, I cannot regret having my everything, my baby boy, Alexander. He is the one that gives meaning to my life and because of him I want to be a better everyday. Love You, Alexander!

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