Recap: Live Twitter Chat on Struggle and Success

Last night, STEPPSboston hosted the second weekly live twitter chat!

The 90 minute chat included a Q&A session with social media savvy young parents. @STEPPSboston asked our young parent followers the following questions:

Q1. How does society define success for a young parent? How do YOU define success as a young parent? #YPsupport

Q2. What have been your biggest struggles as a young parent? Did you expect to see these struggles when you were expecting? #YPsupport

Q3. What stresses you the most about being a young parent? What would help you reduce your stress? #YPsupport

Q4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is this different than where you saw yourself before becoming a parent? #YPsupport

Q5. When you are not sure about a pregnancy or parenting question, who do you ask or where do you go for advice? #YPsupport

Q6. As a proud young parent, what is one thing you would tell others about your journey? #YPsupport

Q7. If you could create a teen pregnancy prevention campaign, what would you tell teens/adults about preventing teen pregnancy? #YPsupport

Q8. Why do you advocate for young parents? Why should we continue to support young parents? #YPsupport

Young parents, near and far, had wonderful answers for these questions:

@GloriaMalone A1. I dont think society has a definition or even a conceivable notion of success for a young or teen parent. #YPSupport

 @coolguymorales A2. my biggest struggle is being a SINGLE father ! one of the biggest struggles , never thought having a child on my own would

@AriellaFaith A3. The fear of not succeeding in life or fulfilling my dreams for not only myself but, my family. #YPSupport

@colonxjp A4. In 5 years i hope to see myself graduated from college and having steady job. I wanna have my own home nd happy with my family.#YPsupport

@Shaleaka23 A5. I ask the teachers (who are also mothers) at my daughters daycare that i love so much and have so much trust in. #YPsupport

@PEACE_LOVEx3 A6. I’m just as if not more successful than the average 19yr old and I have a 19month old to prove it #YPSupport

@Nino_Negrino A7. I think the biggest obstacle right now is morality. Too busy teaching abstinence and not STD/pregnancy prevention.

@AriellaFaith A8. I advocate for young parents because, I am one. I live through the struggles, doubts and judements of others. + #YPsupport

@TheYoungMommy A8. Something that no one talks about – younger women are the prime candidates to have children. Fertility is on our side. #YPSupport

@Shaleaka23 A8. Because we are parents just like the rest and can make it just as well. #YPsupport

Thank you to our young parent participants, ambassadors, followers, and supporters. Not only are we connecting virtually and building a new online support system, but we are showing the world the wonderful storiesof young parents. 

Thank you @Shaleaka23, @SugarPlumPlum1, @LaurenSinger1, @Kaishax23, @ColonxJP, @GloriaMalone, @Peace_Lovex3, @coolguymorales, @Nino_Negrino, @TheYoungMommy, @NatashaVianna, @LoveBirthLLC, @TheLioness, @EvelinASantos, @EmilyNezvesky, @YoungMumTales, @CharleyVallance, @LCNurse, @AriellaFaith, @OwnsApril, @YoungDadsTV, @PrymFace, @MamaMakes, @ItsMothersWork, @CATeenGuide, and @Flotisserie.

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