Become a Young Parent Ambassador

As the second annual Summit for Teen Empowerment Progress and Parenting Success nears, we are eager to get more young parents involved in our decision-making process again. The 2nd annual STEPPS summit is now organized by the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The goal of STEPPS is to bring together young parents in the Boston area to support each other and learn about resources for parenting, health care, education, employment, as well as how to best utilize community resources. The first STEPPS summit was held in June 2011 at Northeastern University, where over 100 young parents attended workshops and received resources for themselves and their families.

We would like to share the opportunity for you to serve as a Young Parent Ambassador and help us prepare for the upcoming summit. As a Young Parent Ambassador, you will advise the STEPPS planning committee on all aspects of the 2012 Summit preparation, including assisting with the summit itself, in exchange for a small stipend. To apply to be a STEPPS Young Parent Ambassador please click on the link below:

We have created two different ambassador tracks:
1. On-line input through e-mail or social media only (Facebook, Twitter etc)
2. Attend three ambassador meetings and participate in the actual Summit (eligible for stipend)

We understand that you lead a very busy life, and we hope that these two tracks will make it possible for you to participate.

Lastly, if you are not interested in becoming a Young Parent Ambassador, we do hope you will to attend the Summit in late June; as the date approaches we will be extending a more formal invitation so keep an eye out!