STEPPS 2011 Recap!


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The workshop descriptions offered at the 2011 STEPPS are below.

Session 1
How to Talk So the Other Parent Will Listen (and How to Listen So the Other Parent Will Talk): Young parents often say problems listening or talking with each other are major causes of conflict. This workshop will identify reasons for communication breakdown and describe how to keep communication flowing. You don’t need to be in a committed or intimate relationship to use this information.

Infant Development- Understanding Your Baby’s Growth: You will learn about the stages infants move through and how you can support the ongoing changes that occur during this busy first year of life.

Start Strong- Choose Not to Abuse: Talk about types of abuse and explore what an abusive relationship looks and feels like. Explore the ingredients of a healthy relationship and why it is important to promote them.

Stress Management: Parenting is hard! It’s important to have ways to de-stress. Learn about reiki and massage as ways of relieving the stress and tension of everyday living.

Keys for Degrees/Single Parents Can Fulfill College Dreams: Just because you are a young parent doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of further education. Hear about a program that embraces single parents and talk to two of the students in the program.

Recognizing the Differences Between a Non-Profit and For-Profit College: Get information that compares non-profit and for-profit colleges and programs. Learn to identify for-profit schools, as well as the potential dangers of certain for-profit degrees.

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Session II
Stay Healthy!: A panel of health providers will present information to help you stay healthy before, during and after your pregnancy. Learn about nutrition, breastfeeding, prenatal and postpartum care, symptoms of depression, and birth control options.

Child Support 101- A Guide to Helping Families: Learn about the child support system and its impact on young parents. Learn what programs can help families prevent and resolve child support issues before they are overwhelming.

What is a Toddler?: Talk about the development that takes place in toddlerhood, so you better understand toddler behavior, develop appropriate expectations for toddlers, and engage your child in great experiences.

Sharing Space- Parenting at Someone Else’s Place: Oftentimes, teen parents must deal with the stress of parenting while living at someone else’s place, whether with your own parents or relatives, roommates, or a shelter. Find out about some common issues that result from parenting while living with others and identify ways you can be a successful parent in these settings.

Money Smart- Budgeting and Credit: Learn the basics of personal finances for home and school. Learn to manage your money, budget, and understand credit scores.

Colleges and Careers 101: Learn the importance of choosing a college program or major that leads to finding a career that requires the least amount of education and pays the highest possible salary.